National Urban Water and Sanitation Awards
Shirpur Warvade Municipal Council
Improvement In Taxation - Shirpur
Background & Objective
  • Shirpur City is situated in the valley of Satpuda hills at the boundary of Maharashtra-MP and Gujarat
  • 52 kms from Dhule on Mumbai-Agra Highway
  • Shirpur Warvade Municipal Council won the 1st prize in state level "State Gadgbaba Cleanliness Drive"
Before the initiative:
  • Initially the water supply was under MJP "Maharashtra Jeevan Pradakshina" from 1970 to 1987. The water source was Aamoda Jackwell and tubewell. During this period there was no filter plant, and only bleaching powder was used.
  • In 1987 MJP handed over the water supply scheme to Shirpur Warvade Municipal Council. The first water treatment plant of 4.8 mld was started in 1987.
  • Present water supply is 8 mld and requirement is 12 mld by 2016
  • Present water demand met only through surface water source on Tapi, Arunavatio and tubewell
  • In 1987, MJP handed over the water supply scheme to Shirpur Warvade Municipal Council.
  • The whole scheme was designed by Shirpur Warvade Municipal Council under the guidance Tata Consultancy and Engineering Ltd., Mumbai.
  • Water discharged from Karwand Dam on River Arunawati is stored by a weir 20 km downstream of the dam near Shirpur. An intake-cum-jackwell type pumping station is located on the bank of the river, 8 km from Shirpur. Raw water is pumped through a 500 mm dia DI main to a conventional WTP of 12 mld capacity located 3 km from the town. The pumping operation, filter backwash and flow measurement are all automated.
  • This project will phase out the Tapi intake work, thereby reducing energy bills, and will also result in improved water supply with about 265 lpcd.
Output & Outcomes
  • Due to this water treatment plant people enjoy filtered and bacteria-free water, and supply of water is 112lpcd and twice daily.
  • Financial reforms
  • Cost of the total project of water treatment is Rs. 1042.43 lakhs. In this process, the Shirpur Warvade Municipal Council has saved nearly Rs. 2 crores to Rs. 3 crores in the rates of pipelines and ETP charges. The contribution to the project is 60% loan (including 10% public contribution) and 40% GIA (Government In Aid). The amount saved by the Municipal Council is utilized in the automation system over the whole plant.
  • Taxation:
    • Revision of taxation
  • Measures for tax recovery:
    • Provide billing of water tax to every consumer by going to every house
    • Collect tax in installment as per customer's desire such as monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually
    • Periodical check of recovery
  • No single stand-post in the city. Every customer has his own water connection.
  • If any customer is found misusing his water connection, it is disconnected, and full recovery is made from him.
  • Water tax recovery is 96-98%.
Sustainability & Replicability
The system can be replicated in other part of the city also. It is sustainable as there is public participation, and periodic check and measures are adopted if any misuse is found.

For further details, contact:

Chief Officer
Shirpur Warvade Municipal Council

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